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PEC... What am I doing wrong?


Hi all! It is some time I don't write here (that's good, it means no problem  ;D )...
I'm trying for the first time to use PEC.
I'm testing a program, PEMPro, which measures the periodical error, calculates corrections and send them to the mount during the PEC record phase.
So, what I'm doing is recording, calculating and training the PEC, and it works. I can see by acquiring again the error that it decreases a lot.
But... GoTo become crazy.
Last night I enabled the PEC for the first time and this morning the telescope was parked about 45 on RA away from its real parking position. I though that maybe it was something random.
Tonight I started again the PEC, performed a somewhat long GoTo, and the astrometric reduction failed. So I went back to the scope, moved to a star and I saw that it was out of position of some degree on RA, again.
So I disabled the PEC, performed the same GoTo, and it went perfectly.

It seems that there is something interfering with the high speed movements when I enable the PEC... Any idea??

Hi gpaolo,

sorry for my delay in answering...
I never tested PEC on my mount, so I can't confirm the issue. But I think no other noticed it; this is the reason why I'm tempted to think the reason of the wrong GoTo could be different.
If you found slewing finished prematurely then I think some commands sent to the LFEP locked the slewing (e.g. an ST-4 pulse)...
If you see that the issue occurs systematically and is only related to PEC I can make the driver disabling PEC while the mount is slewing...


Thank you Armando, I will make more tests and I will let you know!  ;)


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