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I got the eagle board files for the LF Display from Ananad and today the pcb arrived in a fine white look. Soldering was easy if one follows the tut's in the old forum.

Now I need the firmware to write it with my new avr-mrkII ISP to the chip. Anybody any idea where to get it?
I search the old forum, but I couldn't finde any link which isn't dead. Sourceforge just hosts the code for LFEP.

I really want to use my LF with the Display because I'm in need for a stand-alone control which is capable of autoguiding as a counterpoint to my own tracking control which will be not stand-alone.

You will need to contact Anand,...
Where did you find the LFEP source code, could you post the link? Or you mean the ASCOM driver I think,...

yeah, it is the ascom driver which is hosted at sf.
Ananad once said that he would make all the stuff opensource but till today nothing became opensource, the pcb's aren't the firmwares aren't. I know it's hard to let go, because I had to do that often times, but we I tell people I said my invention free, I do so.
I'm not complaining here, I just say that's hard to get all pieces to a functioning whole together. I'm trying and I won't stop.
What I'm doing during waiting to get all bits and pieces, I'm rebuilding the schematics's from the pcb's with fritzing ( to have a source where to get pcb's from. Fritzing-fab produces pcb's for a reasonable price and you do not have to buy series of pcb's, just one is ok, too. Buying more than one makes it cheaper, but not that much.

I'm modifiying the display's pcb to fit into a case I found in one of my old electronic collection boxes. The LF and the display be join together so I don't need the 15 pin's sub-D plugs and the IEEE plugs will be moved to the top. Therefor the pcb has to be re-routed.

I will talk to Anand about the firmware.


PS: Images about my subversion will follow when everything is in place.

Hi Christian,

keep up the good work and let us know the results!  8)
I'd like to know what the IEEE plugs are (maybe I should say were  :'( )  meant for.  :-\


Hi Armado,

till now I couldn't figure out the use of the ieee-plugs, but since most times cameras and massstorage devices have the plugs and protocols made by sony, I guess one could use them for autoguiding with ieee1395 cameras like the ones made by Alied Vision. A third good reason would be a dam fast connection to a computer to release the microcontrollers of its duty and get a full-fledged computer control. But since the LF Elegance and its derivates have an ascom driver that advantage would have been cancelt.

I know what one can do with AVR chips but it is an awful lot of coding by where you have to have a really good algorithm form the basic image reduction for the ieee-cameras. The LVI SmartGuider does similar things based on a microcontroller, too.

I will know when I get the firmware source code or you tell me your suggestion.


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